Reinventing Strategy for Culture Change

Albeit that we offer support for what we call ‘re-inventing strategy for cultural change’ the truth is that many organizations do not have a strategy at all and if they do it is often weak and displaying signs of not getting the resources or attention it deserves. We would suggest (with a slight bias, of course) that culture is something that demands great attention, financing, support and encouragement, and there is one overarching reason for this: Culture is ‘the way we do things’ and with this in mind we consider it important that an organization ‘do things’ in such a way that they achieve the objectives they have identified as important and necessary.

If achieving results is a core focus of your business and you have hired all the right people, with the right qualifications and experience then why are you having problems? Well, there are many reasons why problems exist, many contributing factors but the one common denominator to all problems is people. To be more accurate, the problem is not the people as much as it is the way they think and what they believe.

We support organizations development, inventing or reinventing strategies for cultural development. Our approach is one that utilizes an understanding of human behavior and how to get everyone rowing in the same direction, at the same place and for the same purpose.

We make culture personal and we build strategies that create shared vision, shared and individual responsibility, we focus on solution thinking, we strategize from the perspective of knowing that if we can make personal culture (the way we do things around here) then the core goals of the organization, the policy and procedures, the systems, the skills set, the strategies and the structures all becomes personal. We teach people how to see work as a personal journey that offers opportunity for growth, enhancement, connection, belonging, worth value and responsibility. A culture that has people thinking and acting in such a way is the driving force behind success and such a culture gives birth to innovation and vision in ways that allow even the possibility of achieving success beyond already stated and agreed objectives.

Why not allow us to help you see what needs to be changed and given attention in terms of your culture. Why not allow us talk to you about reinventing your strategy for culture change in such a way that the change actually happens. After all, change is what we do!

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