Leadership Team Development

The work of Marcus James is all about people empowerment and leadership development. In the context of leaders, it is important to note that most leaders who are under trained or stuck in a patterns of what they think leadership is often find themselves saying they are leaders but in truth they are managers. Leadership is something very specific and in order to be a ‘leader’, his specific something needs to be understood, positioned throughout the organization in a fashion that works and it must be all inclusive, collaborative!

The role of a leader is more a position of holding vision and knowing what is needed to make the vision a reality. We specialize in supporting executives in a leadership role become true leaders, people of inspiration, a force of optimism and potentiality. We create a synergy in our developmental processes that allow leaders to understand how to get people on the same page, seeing the same thing and moving in a necessary way in order to make new things happen easy, fast and with the least resistance as possible.

We develop leadership teams to work as just that, ‘a team’. We bring a level of confidence in knowing that a mature, clear, confident and connected leader is a person who can produce results more than most and the more understanding they are of what it means to be a leader the more leadership is experienced and the amount of time the leader needs to manage is reduced significantly. We teach your teams how to lead in such a way that the systems around you, the systems you need to work, will become self-managing systems with an organic and naturally propelled way of achieving what the company and all its people need.

When we hold the title of ‘leader’ we are presented with a real responsibility and should this responsibility be understood, respected and engaged with in a professional manner.You, as leader can change everything. The idea of creating a life experience in work that bring you fulfillment in certain aspects of your life is very possible, and should you do ‘leadership’ in a holistic and balanced manner you will see your life change both in and beyond work.

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Leadership is that thing that happens when you control less and facilitate more. However, without knowing what is to be facilitated, what you are actually facilitating when working with people and what facilitation really means, things can be more difficult than necessary. As a part of your developmental process with the Marcus James Leadership Institute we will make sure you become one of the bests. And the good news is that a professional leader does very little but what she does has the power to change everything.