It is not often you will meet someone in life who can say that they are truly FREE. However, people do exist that have learned a way to live and to experience life so their day, every day, is filled with positive, optimistic and joyful experiences. This is not to say that ‘the other stuff’ doesn’t come up for them. Of course it does, but they seem to be able to dance with it, to enjoy it and to allow it actually serve as a force of manifestation in the context of the experiences they want.

FREEDOM is all about learning, discovering and allowing. This 7-week online process is designed to offer you all the support, assistance, insight and courage you need to make change happen. The change we seek on this program is an inner change but we extend that to allow change happen at an external level also. FREEDOM will teach you how to see the difference in the inner and outer realities in the context of changing and transforming life as you need it to be.

Marcus James’ and special guests will show you in a very clear, easy to follow and even easier to apply way how to have the things of life that often seem far away. Things (experiences) such as peace of mind and peace of heart, optimism, happiness, joy, clear vision and an understanding of how to extend these quality inner experiences into quantifiable manifestations that can been seen, experienced and measured in terms of the relationships you engage in, your financial matters, your intimate love relationships, discovering your purpose and finding your specific meaning in this world.

From day one of the program you will feel and see the care that is available for you specifically. It is our intention that you experience this process as if it was designed and created just for you. In order to achieve this objective, we will have our team of experts behind the scenes working with and for you every step of the way.

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There are many ways in which you will experience the power of FREEDOM during you 7-weeks online with us, including:

  • Specifically created video teaching classes. Each week you will receive a 45 minute video that is focused on a specific aspect of ‘the change process’ in terms of changing the experience of life that you are having. These videos will be very personal and they will speak of the truth of change in a manner that is both new and breakthrough oriented.
  • You will be given access to one, 1.5 hour, live Q&A session via our ‘Student Forum’ each week for the 7 weeks.
  • ​You will be given access to one, 1.5 hour, live Q&A session via our ‘Student Forum’ each week for the 7 weeks.
  • ​You will have supporting material available to download each week.
  • ​We will provide you with a step by step action plan and system of application each week in order to make doing it’ a lot easier.
  • You will learn from Marcus James directly but also, from a number of the facilitators and coaches from the ‘Marcus James Coaching Academy’. Many of these will also provide you with tools and resources for creating change and happiness in life.
  • At the beginning of the process you will receive a set of visualizations and meditations that have been developed specifically for the FREEDOM Online Process. These recordings will support you creating an habit of meditation which focuses on the process of allowing that is required for change to happen and also a habit of visualization which is a very powerful way to instill your vision for the future into your present moment.
  • You will also have the option (not included in the standard mode) of booking a supporting one to one coaching package of 8 sessions that begin before the week one and end in the final week of the process. This can offer you the option of a very powerful personal support system to ensure that you get the most from your investment of time and commitment.
  • We will also provide you with up to date information on the trends in the world that show and highlight how the world itself is changing every moment in the most perfect way to support your growth. It will be as if you are actually known, personally, by the cosmos itself. Of course you are! FREEDOM will allow you to experience and embrace that reality completely.

In the moment you realize that most of the time, most of life is experienced with you playing the role of prisoner or victim, you will realize the power, the importance and the need for FREEDOM. The realization of what life is and how it really works brings with it an enormous opportunity to change everything forever. Are you ready to surrender and allow life guide you, bring you the gifts your heart desires and hold you safe in a restful state of being? We look forward to walking with you on you path to your new insights.