Personal Development

It is very common to meet people who are lost in life or in some kind of situation that they would like to change. Our dissatisfaction with life is something that permeates and affects us every moment and it can have serious consequences. Unhappiness or dissatisfaction are almost always a result of our interpretation or perspective on a circumstances or situations, it is rarely, if ever the actual circumstance or situation that causes the challenge.

The key to creating, or experiencing life as you might desire lies in your understanding of how life actually works. Albeit a strange thing to say that many people do not know how life works, it is a truth. When someone is not clear on how life works we often say they are unconscious. In other words, they are not aware of certain things but if they were aware, their life experience could be and would be very different.

There is no operator’s manual that directs you through life and gives you guidance, but there is a system of awareness and present moment practice that will guide you. Once you understand the fundamentals of how life works you will soon see what is needed from you in order to have the experience you feel within you that is constantly trying to get out and express itself.

Personal Development and Spiritual Awareness in the context of who you are, what your purpose is and how this life and you are so powerfully connected are a commitment to action. However, from the deepest and most profound perspective the commitment to action is a commitment to being. The decision you take to ‘self-improve’ is a decision to surrender to the force of life that can and will provide you with the experience you want.

Programs for Personal & Spiritual Development

Healing Conversations: The Journey to Home

Healing Conversations is a program that is not a program, a course that is not a course. In the strictest sense Healing Conversations is a process of self-awareness and development. What makes this experience so powerful is the experience you have of life and the self as we search together for meaning. The consciousness in which the process happens is one of empowerment, letting go, discovery and most of all, allowing.


: It is not often you will meet someone in life who can say that they are truly FREE. However, people do exist that have learned a way to live and to experience life so their day, every day, is filled with positive, optimistic and joyful experiences. This is not to say that ‘the other stuff’ doesn’t come up for them. Of course it does, but they seem to be able to dance with it, to enjoy it and to allow it actually serve as a force of manifestation in the context of the experiences they want.